About Us

The sound of intense nationalism “Mantra Medi Help” after completing 1 years in television , is feeling that the economic strength of the enemies of ‘Nation-Dharma’ is many times more than us. Therefore, we should now cooperate with patriots and protectors. That’s why we have established NGOs with the respected people of the society. This NGO will sponsor Nationalist programs / campaigns running on Mantra Medi Help. This will make programs effective and effective.

Today, when large corporate houses are investing in the media We are also offering hundreds of millions of crores. But we do not want unnecessary control for the independence and ideal of ‘nation first’.

Mantra Medi Help is walking with ‘Hanan-Bhan-Shanan’ and will also run! But, with your help, more power will be achieved, then the ‘nation’s religion’ will be won soon. So you collaborate.