Film review: I – IMe Aur Main is a drama about grown-ups who have much growing up to do.



 But in the context of Hindi theatre, a romance that doesn’t culminate in a large fat wedding is a novelty.

Debutant director Kapil Sharma constructs a story which, superficially, seems a lot more intriguing than it really is. Nobody in the movie gets everyone goes home happy and what she or he wants.

Regrettably, the crowd doesn?t since Me, I Aur Main is a somewhat listless drama about grown-ups who have much growing up to do.

The principal issue with the movie is the male protagonist is a cheapskate surrounded by half a dozen girls who deserve far better than the twerp.

He’s a completely unlikable package of contradictions who’s commitment-phobic and shy and shies away, despite many protestations to the contrary, out of accepting his stay-at-home spouse to his mother in Pune and chat about marriage until it’s too late.

However, when push comes to shove, all the guy needs is a gentle verbal nudge from his over-protective mum to determine where exactly he’s going wrong. The class correction is cutesy and contrived to be persuasive.

Once the milkman is in the door? He fails cover up as, as he insists,” he? Doesn’t drink milk and has java? .

Ishaan is the type of man who, if his woman states that she loves himresponds with? I love me? .

It surely can?t be simple with a guy like him about, so one wonders why the girl takes three years to determine that she’s had enough of him. I’m the best, I’m the ideal. ? That life to be confronted by the approach.

Ishaan?s mum (Zarina Wahab) lands up in his brand new pad to direct him through the very low phase.

He begins to get the amorous eye of a chirpy style stylist-neighbour (Prachi Desai). Part-time electrician? . The sparks do fly along with also a love triangle ensues. Ishaan is captured in a part of his own making.

It requires the efforts of four girls? The mom, a sister (Mini Mathur within her first major screen appearance) who appears to be his eponymous beloved?s confidante, not to mention the 2 contenders because of his love? To bond him he divides himself .

Component of this movie also meanders through a maze of limpid music business rivalries between a boss? Another woman (Raima Sen) chose to place the cocky guy in his position? And two or three new singers that are interested in the break. That?s a pretext to get a couple of numbers.

But just like the rest of the movie, the tunes hardly pass muster.

The performances are all, nevertheless, generally earnest and figure out how to achieve a much quality. John Abraham, sexy but not occurring remains in his limits.

The top point of this star turn is if he takes his shirt off to jump into a swimming pool along with Prachi Desai intones:? Wow The two Mini Mathur and Zarina Wahab bring a bit of heat to keep upon an soggy film.


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