God Mantras

God Mantras– Hi Guys if You Don’t Know about God Mantras, and You are searching for God Mantras on the Internet, Then You are at the Right Place.

Today here I’m Going to share some God Mantras for You guys. so that by this “God Mantras”  it will help you to Do Mantra Meditation, and I can beat with you that you never get all this God Mantras on the internet.

What is Meditation?

→  Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing their mind on a particular object,  particular point or activity – To make attention and awareness, we can achieve a mentally clear and peaceful state.

What is Mantra Meditation?

→ Mantra meditation is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, words or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. Mantra medication helps to induce an altered state of consciousness. A mantra may or may not have a syntactic structure or literal meaning.

This meditation will take anywhere from five to ten minutes. We can recommend this meditation in five steps.

Mantra Meditation

God  Mantras

The  word  mantra  is  used  to  describe  any  thoughts,  utterances,  songs,  or  other  sequences  of  words  or  sounds  that  are  supposed  to  have  spiritual  efficacy  or  magical  power.  A  mantra  is  defined  as  “a  tool  of  the  mind  that  has  a  spiritual  effect  on  a  person’s  will  or  emotional  state  of  being.”  A  mantra  can  be  a  religious  or  scared  prayer  or  chant,  but  it  also  be  a  spell  or  supernatural  weapon.  Mantras  are  not  specific  to  any  one  system  of  thought  or  religion.  Any  utterance  or  thought  that  is  believed  powerful  enough  to  affect  either  the  inward  state  of  a  person’s  soul  or  the  world  at  large  can  be  called  a   mantra.

Mantra  is  a  Sanskrit  word  that  consists  of  two  parts:  the  root  word  man,  which  relates  to  thought,  and  the  suffix-tra,  which  refers  to  tools  or  instruments.  The  word  literally  means  “a  tool  of  the  mind” or “instrument  of  thought”.  Some  people  say  that  a  mantra  is  intellectually  meaningless  but  has   emotive  power  of  communication,  like  a  bird’s  song.  Others  say  that  a  mantra  is  by  definition  meaningful,  being,  as  its  etymology  suggests,  an  instrument  of  mind.  However  it  is  defined,  a  mantra  has  a numinous  effect,  that  is,  the  recitation  of  the  mantra  creates  a  spiritual  feeling  in  the  practitioner.

The  literal  Chinese  translation  of  the  word  mantra  is  the  “true  words.”  The  idea  is  that  truth  has  power.  When  one  speaks  something  true,  it  is  thought  to  help  bring  that  truth  into  existence  in  a  practical  way.  Many  self-help  books  and  gurus  will  suggest  the  repetition  of  mantras  as  a  way  to  accept  truths.  For  example,  an  overly  conscientious  person  whose  people-pleasing  tendencies  are  causing  her  to  ignore  her  own  needs  might  repeat  something  like  “I  am  not  responsible  for  making  others  people  happy.”  By  repeating  such  a  statement,  the  mind  can  convince  itself  to  accept  the  idea,  leading  to  a  change  in  behavior.  A  mantra  can  obviously  be  adjusted  to  fit  a  person’s  culture,  personal  needs,  and  system  of  belief.

In  Hinduism  there  are  many  mantras  that  are  practiced  daily  by  different  caste  and  community.  The  mantras  are  also  practiced  in  any  community  occasion.  Mantras  are  also  used  for  meditation  which  keep  our  mind  fresh  and  calm.  If  we  practiced  daily  those  mantras  it  will  makes  us  habituated.  Practicing  mantras  is  also  very  good  to  our  health  because  it  will  always  make  us  those  mantras  practiced  daily.  Mantras  are  those  spiritual  words  that  are  not  only  practiced  in  Hinduism.  It  is  also  practiced  in  different  religion  such  as  Sikhism,  Jainism, Buddhism,  etc..

Best  Mantra  For  The  Complete  Week

  1. Sunday- It  is  the  day of  GODDESS  DURGA  and  SUN  GOD.
  2. Monday- It  is  the  day  of  LORD  SHIVA.
  3. Tuesday- It  is  the  day  of  LORD  HANUMAN.
  4. Wednesday- It  is  the  day  of  LORD  GANESHA.
  5. Thursday- It  is  the  day  of  LORD  VISHNU,  GURU,  SHIRDI  SAI  BABA,  LORD  BRIHASPATI  and  GODDESS  LAKSHMI.
  6. Friday- It  is  the  day  of  GODDESS  DURGA.
  7. Saturday- It  is  the  of  LORD  HANUMAN  and  LORD  SHANI.



It  is  the  day  of  GODDESS DURGA  and  SUN  GOD.  There  are  several  mantras  for  DURGA  but  the  mantra  “OM  SRI  DURGAYA  NAMAH”  is  the  most  simple  and  easy  mantra  to  remember.  It  is  believed  that  chanting  this  mantra  regularly  the  Universal  Mother  would  remove  all  the  physical,  mental,  economic  problems  in  our  life.  “AUM  SURYAYA  NAMAH”:  The  Sun  God  is  one  who  always  activates  others  and  is  full  of  activities  too.  He  is  the  symbol  of  cosmic  energy.  The   chariot  of  the  Sun  God  is  of  seven  horses.  The  horses  represent  the  seven  days  of  the  week.  They  also  represent  the  seven  colors  of  the  rainbow.  The  seven  power  points  in  our  body  have  different  colors  of  their  own.  His  work  is  colorful  .  Nobody  can  pinpoint  the  exact  time  that  at  what  time   the  activities  of  the  Sun  God  started.  The  span  of  time  of  his  activities  cannot  be  counted  either.  The  end  of  his  activities  is  beyond  of  our  imagination.  When  the  sun  rises  in  the  sky  all  the  creatures  &  worms,  birds  &  animals  start  their  work.  Pray  to  the  SUN  GOD  to  give  inspiration  and  energy  to  do  good  needs.



It  is  the  day  of  LORD  SHIVA. “AUM  NAMAH  SHIVAYA”  is  one  of  the   most  popular  Hindu  mantra.  Its  translation  is  “adoration  (mantras)  to  siva”,  precede  by  the  mystical  syllable  “AUM”.  It  is  also  called  Panchakshara,  the  “five-syllable”  mantra.  It  is  also  the  part  of  the  SHRI  RUDRAM  CHAMAKAM,  a  Hindu  prayer  taken  from  the  Yajurveda,  and  thus  predates  the  use  of  Shiva  as  a  proper  name,  in  the  original  context  being  an  address  to  Rudra(later  Shiva),  where  siva  retains  its  original  meaning  as  an  “auspicious,  benign,  friendly”,  an  euphemistic  epithet  of  Rudra.  The  Panchakshara  should  be  recited  by  Shiva  devotees  during  Pooja,  homa,  Japa  and  while  smearing  Vibhuti.



  It  is  the  day  of  LORD  HANUMAN.  “OM  SRI  HANUMATE  NAMAH”  sri  Panchamukha  Hanuman  Dhayana  Sloka  Panchasyachutamaneka  vichitra  veeryam||  Sri  shanka  chakra  ramaniya  bhujagra  desam||  Hanuman  Gayatri  Mantra  Text .  The  Hanuman  Gayatri  Mantra  is  used  for  increasing  love   in  performing  duties  and  selfless  service.  We  can  also  Chant  the  Hanuman  Chalisa  on  every  Tuesday  because  it  is  believed  that  the  chanting  this  chalisa  it  gives  the  devotee  to  LORD  HANUMAN.  It  also  gives  the  strength  and  power.



  It  is  Day  of  LORD  GANESHA. “OM  SRI  GANESHAYA  NAMAH” is  a  mantra  for  beginning  meditation,  or  prayer,  or  starting  new  enterprises,  or  undertaking  any  new  initiative.  For  freedom  from  hindrances  to  the  attainment  of  success  on  the  path  of  spiritual  life,  or  to  the  accomplishment  of  any  good,  or  noble,  or  new  undertaking,  one  has  to  greet  and  harmonise  with  that  Power  of  God  which  eliminates  failures  from  all  endeavors;  presides  over,  and  secures,  success,  victory,  fulfillment.



  It  is  the  day  of  LORD  VISHNU,  GURU,  SHIRDI  SAI  BABA,  LORD  BRIHASPATI,  and  GODDESS  LAKSHMI.  “OM  NAMO  NARAYANAYA”  is  an  Asta –Akshari  Mantram  meaning  mantram  with  8  syllables.  An  8  syllabled  of  Existence,  who  also  simultaneously   resides  in  all  the  7  planes.  His  color  is  blue.  His  number  is  8.  His  nature  is  to  establish,  to  synthesise  and  to  harmonise.  Narayana  represents  the  Path  of  Waters  (of  Life)  in  their  revolutionary  and  evolutionary  cycles.  “NA”  stands  for  the  Evolutionary  path  from  gross  to  subtle.  “RA”  stands  for  the  Involutionary  from  subtle  to  gross.  “AYANA”  stands  for  the  cyclic  movement  of  the  Waters (of life).  He  is  the  lord  of  the  Wheel  of  creation.  The  chief  key  to  the  Vedic  Mantrams,  Bhagavata  and  Vishnu  Purana  are  lost  to  many  scholars  who  interepted  those  scriptures  due  to  the lack  of  Knowledge  relating   to  the  distinction   between  two  Lotuses.  Goddess  Lakshmi  is  also  believed  to  be  the  “LAKSHMI  of  a  House”  in  Hindu  religion.  We  also  devotes  to  the  Goddess  for  the  welfare  of  the  family  and  also  for  the  help  to  those  needy  people.



  It  is  the  day  of  GODDESS  DURGA. “OM  SRI  DURGAYA  NAMAH”.  This  mantra  is  of  GODDESS  DURGA  that  combined  form  of  the  powers  of  Lakshmi,  Saraswati  and  kali.  By  enchanting  this  mantra  all  the  physical,  mental,  economic  problems  are  solved.


 It  is  the  day  of  LORD  HANUMAN  and  LORD  SHANI.  ” “HANUMAN  MANTRA” reciting  this  hanuman  mantra  for  getting  physical  strength,  stamina  and  power.  This  mantra  is  a  very  secret  mantra  with  unlimited  power  in  it.  This  Hanuman  mantra  brings  instant  results.  One  becomes  exceptionally  powerful  by  chanting  this  hanuman  mantra.  “0M  SHANI  DEVAY  NAMAHA”.  This  mantra  also  helps  the  devotees  to  get  free   from  any  difficult  or  bad  situation.  If  we  practice  this  Shani  mantra  we  will  always  become  free  from  any  bad  situation..


So  it  is  to  believed  that  we  should  practice  those  mantra  in  a  week  daily.  It  will  also  helps  us  to  become  free from  some  difficult ,  any  economic  problem  ,  it  will  also  provide  us the strength  and  power.

Final Words

So Guys This is our own collection of God Mantras I hope You find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all God Mantras. Thank You!

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