Jackpot movie reviewFilm review – There isn’t any breathing space from the narration. Gustad piles up’air’ you dread that the narration may fall.


So here is the main point. Sunny Leone barely strips in Jackpot. The movie isn’t about skin series. It is about scratching on surfaces for to the wicked center of the heart. Everybody is greedy more than others, in Kaizad Gustad’s movie. And each personality is an imposter.

Should you enjoy movies in which a briefcase wrapped with money notes is thrown around with all the throw in frenetic pursuit (believe Guy Ritchie), then that is the movie you’d most likely need to look out.

Noire theatre receives a twist in the narrative. Ten years following his colourful and controversial Boom, we are taken by Gustad .

Shot with dexterity from Artur Zurawski at rain-drenched ships along with also the dockside desolation of Goa Jackpot is the type of crazy gambit of one-upmanship where personalities and wimps exchange areas so quickly and you do not understand who’s doing what.

The closely packed episodes of this spiralling plot leave hardly any room for porous minutes. There’s not any breathing space from the narration. Gustad piles up’air’ you dread that the narration may fall.

At 90 minutes Jackpot clocks rather a yarn that is curious, more noteworthy for what it tries than what it really accomplishes. Damnation is dared by Even the narration with episodes in the lives of the 3 chief characters moving forth and back as though time never really mattered to individuals that are on the path to salvation.

It is all very perplexing. He adds an edge to the match of one-upmanship together with the Goan monsoon giving a drizzle that stay unmatched by Leone existence and a sizzle. And yes, he is he did while shooting the Gaja Gamini of M F Hussain. You will find so many coils, spins and tangles from the plot of the film although the storyline isn’t half as riveting as Naseer’s hair, because there are in Naseer’s wig.

Regrettably the fashionable packaging and striking cinematography stay unsupported by the characters and plot. Neither are dangerous enough to be endearing in their immorality or interesting.



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