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Lists of Some Mantras– Hi Guys if You Don’t Know about Lists of Some Mantras, and You are searching for Lists of Some Mantras on the Internet, Then You are at the Right Place.

Today here I’m Going to share some Lists of Some Mantras for You guys. so that by this “Lists of Some Mantras”  it will help you to Do Mantra Meditation, and I can beat with you that you never get all these Lists of Some Mantras on the internet.

Mantra Meditation

What is A  Mantra?

The mantra is the ancient practice of repeating a word or phase  multiple times. You may unconsciously work with mantras  on  a  daily basis practice.  For example, do you ever  catch  yourself  saying “I  hate  my  body” or “This  is  never  going  to  work” or “I’m not  good  enough”? Those  are  indeed  and  unwanted  mantras , though  negative  ones,  which  only  serve  to  feed  the  thousands  of  other  Negative  Thoughts  in  your  mind.  Each  and  Every  thought  that  you  think  in your  brain  or mind  that  creates  a  little  groove  in  the  circuitry  of  the  brain.  Since  that’s  the  case,  you  really  ought  to  be  more  selective  about  which  ones  you’re  polishing!

In  Buddha’s  Brain:  The  Practical Neuroscience of Health,  Happiness,  and  Wisdom, author  Rick Hanson  explains  that  you  can  change  your  mind … to  change  your  brain… to  change  your  mind !  What  luck!  This  means  that  if   you  think  positive  thoughts,  more  expansive  thoughts  ,  than  you  can  change  your  life  for  the  Better.

Since  the  thoughts  you  think  create  the  reality  you  live  in,  singing,  chanting,  speaking, or  repeating  the  following  mantras  silently  can  make  a  difference.  As  author  Thomas  Ashley-Farrand  writes  in  Healing  mantras:  Using  sound  Affirmations  For  Personal  Power,  Creativity,  and  Healing,  mantras  can  be  used  by  people  of  any  religion ,  community  or  spiritual  practice,  or  during  any  activity- of  course  during  meditation,  but  they  can  also  be  used  as  you  walk,  clean,  cook,  and  during  other  mindless  tasks.

Lists   of   Some   Mantras:

  1. AUM  or  OM

AUM  or  OM  is  the  universal  variation,  which  said  to  represent  some  creation,  manifestation,  and  destruction.  Consider  what  are  you  sending  out  into  the  world  on  the  sound  waves  of  your  OM  and  focus  on  a  intention. Dedicate  your  OM  to  your  own  well-being,  to  your  family,  to  your  community,  or  to  the  world.  Like  a  pebble  dropped  into  a  still  pond,  allow  your  OM  to  ripple out.


Practice  Suggestion:

  • Chant  one  to  three  times  before  beginning  your  yoga  asana  practice.
  • Chant  one  to  three  times  to  close  a  yoga  asana  practice.
  • Chant   before  or  after  seated  meditation.
  • Chant  anytime,  anywhere  at  any  place.


  1. Lokah  Samastah  Sukhino  Bhavantu

 A  Sweet  Sanskrit  chant  with  a  lovely  translation:  “May  all  brings  everywhere  be  happy  and  free.  May  our  thoughts,  our  words,  and  our  actions,  contribute  in  some  way  to  that  happiness  and  freedom.”  This  mantra  may  be  chanted  or  sung  as  an  offering  or  loving – kindness  to  al  beings,  including  yourself.


Practice  Suggestion:

  • Chant  before  or  after  yoga  asana  practice.
  • Chant  before  or  after  seated  meditation.
  • Sing  it  with  kids  as  a  lesson  in  compassion,  inclusivity,  and  tolerance.
  • Write  it  down  in  your  journal  after  a  Challenging day.


  1.  So  Hum

   Translated  from  Sanskrit,  this  mantra  means  “ I am.” “I am” is  a  complete  sentence.  This  mantra  is  great  for  balancing  the  Root  Chakra,  getting  grounded  in  self-love,  and  connecting  with  your  “enoughness.”  Try  taking  on  further  affirmations  if  it  feels  right  for  you: I  am  here  now.  I  am  becoming.  I  am  enough.


Practice  Suggestion:

  • Say  it  five  times  out  loud  before  an  interview.
  • Say  it  while  standing  in  power  pose.
  • Do  a  journaling  “free  write”  and  fill  three  pages  with  add-ons  to  “I  am”….


  1.  Asatao  ma  Sadgamaya/Tamaso  ma  jyotir gamaya/Mrtyorma   amrtam  gamaya/Om shanti  shanti  shanti

This  mantra  comes  from  the  Upanishads,  one  of  the  ancient  philosophical  yogic  texts  from  India.  It  translates  to  “Lead  me  from  the  truth,  lead  me  from  darkness  to  light,  lead  me  from  death  to  immortality,  Om  peace,  peace,  peace.”


Practice  Suggestion:

  • Chant  it  in  Kirtan  with  a  group  of  people.
  • Chant  before  embarking  on  a  journey.
  • Chant  at  the  beginning  of  the  year,  change  of  the  season,  or  birthday.


  1.  LAM-VAM-RAM-YAM-HAM-OM(silence)

          Use  the  bija  mantras,  or  one-syllabe  seed  sounds,   to  stimulate  and  unblock  each  chakra.  Respectively,  each  sound  align  with  seven  major  energy  centres:  Muladhara,  Svadistana,  Manipura,  Anahanta,  Visshudha,  Ajna,  and  Sahasrara.  Chant  these  mantras  when  you’re  feeling out  of  balance  in any  area  of  your  life.

Practice  Suggestion:

  • Use  this  mantra  as  pranayama:  inhale  fully  and  then  chant  all  the  sounds  on  the  excakle.
  • Sing  this  mantra  seven  times,  once  for  each  chakra.
  • Choose  one  sound  that  really  resonates  with  you and  repeat  one  several  times.


  1. Om  Namoh  Lakshmi,  Om  Namoh  Lakshmi,  Om  Namoh  Lakshmi,  Prema  Devi  Mataji

      This  manta  calls  on  the  Hindu  Goddess  Lakshmi  for  abundance,  beauty,  health,  luminosity,  anmd  love.  There  are  many  chants  for  Lakshmi!  Goddess  of  good  fortune,  prosperity, and  beauty.  Goddess  of  love,  I  bow  to  you.  “Call  on  Lakshmi  when  you’re  feeling  dull  or  preparing  for  a  big  change.

Practice  Suggestion:

  • Say  before  or  after  a  heart-opening  yoga  asana  practice.
  • Say  before  or  after  meditation  focused  on  abundance.
  • Chant  this  mantra  with  a  group  of  women.
  • Sing  when  starting  a  new  Business.


  1. Om  Gam  Ganapataye  Namaha

     This  mantra  summons  the  Hindu  Deity  Ganesha,  the  beloved  elephant-headed  trickster  known  as  the  remover  of  obstacles  and  master  of  Knowledge.  This  mantra  translates  to  “Salutations  to  Ganesha,  the remover/breaker  of  obstacles,  we  call  your  name!  Call  on  Ganesha  to  clear  your  path  when  you  feel  stuck  or   creatively  blocked,  when  you  need  a  change  of  perspective,  or  when  life  feels  especially  challenging  and  you’re  not  sure .


Practice  Suggestion:

  • Say  before  embarking  on  a  journey.
  • Say  when  you  feel  afraid.
  • Say  silently  during  a  difficult  work  meeting.
  • Say  during  a  tense  period  in  a  close  relationship.


How  Can  You  Practice  It?

  1. Select  Your  Mantra  Wisely.
  2. Select  a  Suitable  time.
  3. Select  a  suitable  place.
  4. Always  have  a  Peaceful mind.
  5. Practice  those  mantras  daily.
  6. Also  have  a  meditation.
  7. Put  some  obstacles  opposite  to  you  show  that  it  helps  you  to  have  a  meditate.


If  you’d  like,  set  up  a  dedicated  time  of  day  to  practice  mantra  with an  altar.  Place  items  on  your  altar  associated  with  the  life  you  desire.  Consider  areas  of  change  and  areas  that  are  already  working.  Move  your  fingers  across  a  mala  necklace  or  use  your  fingers  to  track  the  number  of  times  you  chant  your  chosen  mantra.


So  always  have  a  practice  those  mantras  daily  so  it  will  keep  your  mind  fresh,  sharp  and  focusing.

Final Words

So Guys This is our own collection of  Mantra Meditation, I hope You find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all Mantra Meditation. Thank You!

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