R… Rajkuma Film review – The movie, on its part, is poppycock. The only place it must be going to is the cleansers.


Prabhu Deva will direct a movie pretty much like that he choreographs a tune. are packed by him, from end to end, using also a surfeit of both clatter and a flurry of feet and hand movements.

The lithe dance steps he conjures up often flummox the eyes; the attendant sounds unleash a nonstop assault on the eardrums. Both together (and independently too ), have clearly outlived their usefulness. Rajkumar is proof that the law of decreasing returns has struck Prabhu Dheva.

A savage action movie that’s been designed to provide Shahid Kapoor a tough-guy makeover, R? The type of formula which worked for Wanted and Rowdy Rathore, but has lost its advantage weighs down rajkumar. He labours difficult to match the bill. The effort demonstrates that get a life of its own and his squad behave manages to break loose.

He’s cast as a young guy, the Romeo Rajkumar of this name, that kicks up a great deal of meaningless dust and warmth regardless of what he’s around, make it pyaar-pyaar or maar-maar, the 2 things , in his own words, specify his lifetime.

Does ? Its ending is achieved by rajkumar? Relying on what one expects out of a entertainer entirely.

From that critic?s viewpoint, watching this movie is like being immobilized, for all two-and-a-half excruciating hours, at a torture room with no escape station in sight.

It’s a horribly debilitating and numbingly gruesome drama which may put off one Bollywood action flicks for some time. Flavor and logic are given a wide berth all of the way through. The movie takes shots at increasing some laughs by means of the tries select up and to find out Queen?s English? Contemporary? Manners.

The achievement of an action movie hinges to a large extent upon how well the male protagonist has been etched out and the way emotionally pressing his origin is.

Romeo Rajkumar doesn’t have coherent rear narrative. He starts with just two opium growers at a village and appears out of nowhere. The play ends.

The song-and-dance patterns are dull, and so will be the over-the-top action sequences where stuntmen of all sizes and shapes stand by and scurry about waiting patiently to be crushed into pulp from the hero.

The activity manager is very fond of getting ply plank tables and beer bottles smashed on individual heads. Worst of all is that the charaterisation of this sketchily defined heroine, Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha), who’s treated with the men around her just like a bit of useless chattel.

The protagonist keeps making passes at her till she gives into his romantic advances. She is, also, coveted by the protagonist. And she is pushed by her uncle that is wicked .

Truth be told, she’s about the only bright spot in this distressingly gloomy movie, but nothing which the woman is permitted to do would be great enough to reduce R? From disintegrating it turns out to be rajkumar.

The protagonist calls his woman love Lollypop. But expect no delights. On its part, for the movie, is poppycock. The only place it must be going to is the cleansers.

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